15. DefinitionsΒΆ

Here is a list of words, commonly used when using Exakat, with their definitions and their synonyms.

  • A
    An Analysis is a pattern that may be detected in the code. The analysis has a human-redable description, and a specific implementation.
  • D
    The phase of execution, which prepare the results from the graph database to the data storage for reports.
  • I
    The result of an analysis, when an analysis is applied to a code.
  • L
    The phase of execution, which loads the source code into the central database.
  • R
    A set of issues, gathered into a consistent format, after running the analysis on the code. A report may include multiple rulesets, and use various format, such as HTML, JSON or Text.
    A synonym for Analysis. This may be more descriptive, and less related to implementation.
    A consistent group of analysis, recognizable with a specific name.