Upgrade exakat with the upgrade command.

php exakat.phar upgrade

Exakat returns the current status :

This needs some updating (Current : 0.9.7c, Latest: 2.1.9)

To make exakat update itself, runs the same command, with the -u option. Exakat will then download the file, check the sums, and replace itself.

Upgrading manually

Exakat is a PHP phar archive. Download the latest version from www.exakat.io and replace it.

Upgrading gremlin-server

Exakat installs the last version of gremlin at installation time. Usually, there is no need to upgrade the database when upgrading : changing the phar file is sufficient.

However, to enjoy the new features, or keep up to date, it is recommended to upgrade the gremlin server.

To upgrade gremlin-server, remove the old ‘tinkergraph’ folder from your installation. If exakat was installed following the installation instruction, this folder is located next to exakat.phar.

Then, run again the installation instruction, only for gremlin.