Exakat provides unique 1647 rules to detect BUGS, CODE SMELLS, SECURITY OR QUALITY ISSUES in your PHP code.

Each rule is documented with : * a PHP version : The version of PHP to wich the rule apply * Short Name or Identifier : The Id of the rule necessary in all configuration files * Code example : The illustrative way to explain the issue detected by the rule and the targeted example of the remediated code * Time to Fix : a estimated duration to remediate the code * Severity : the impact level of the issue generated by the rule * Exakat Since : The version of Exakat Engine after which the rule is applicable


The detail of Rules is available in our REFERENCE GUIDE.


A Ruleset is configurable with the -T option, when running exakat in command line. For example :

php exakat.phar analyze -p <project> -T <Security>


The detail of Rulesets is available in our REFERENCE GUIDE.