3.3.4. Classes dependendies HTML Classes dependendies HTML

This reports displays the class dependencies, based on definition usages.

This report displays all dependencies between classes, interfaces and traits. A class (or interface or trait) depends on another class (or interface or trait) when it makes usage of one of its definitions : extends, implements, use, and static calls.

For example, A depends on B, because A extends B.

The resulting diagram is in HTML file, which is readable with most browsers, from a web server.

Warning : for browser security reasons, the report will NOT load as a local file. It needs to be served by an HTTP server, so all resources are correctly located.

Warning : large applications (> 1000 classes) will require a lot of resources to open.

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Classes dependendies HTML


Classes dependendies HTML doesn’t depend on rulesets.




This report is written in ‘class_dependencies’.

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