3.3.35. Perfile Perfile

The Perfile report lays out the results file per file.

The Perfile report displays one result per line, grouped by file, and ordered by line number. Here is an example :

/path/from/project/root/to/file:line[space]name of analysis

This format is fast, and fitted for human review.

 line  /themes/Rozier/Controllers/LoginController.php
   34  Multiple Alias Definitions
   36  Unresolved Use
   43  Multiple Alias Definitions
   51  Class Could Be Final
   58  Undefined Interfaces
   81  Undefined Interfaces
   81  Unused Arguments
   81  Used Once Variables (In Scope)
   91  Undefined Interfaces
   91  Unused Arguments
   91  Used Once Variables (In Scope)
  101  Undefined Interfaces
  103  Nested Ifthen
  104  Unresolved Classes
  106  Buried Assignation
  106  Iffectations
  106  Use Positive Condition
  121  Uncaught Exceptions
  121  Unresolved Classes
  129  Uncaught Exceptions
--------------------------------------------------------- Specs

Short name



This reports works with an arbitrary list of results.




This report is written in ‘stdout’.

Available in

Entreprise Edition, Community Edition