3.3.45. Sarb Sarb

The Sarb report is a compatibility report with SARB

SARB is the Static Analysis Results Baseliner. SARB is used to create a baseline of these results. As work on the project progresses SARB can takes the latest static analysis results, removes those issues in the baseline and report the issues raised since the baseline. SARB does this, in conjunction with git, by tracking lines of code between commits. SARB is the brainchild of Dave Liddament.

        "type": "Classes\/NonPpp",
        "file": "\/home\/exakat\/elation\/code\/include\/base_class.php",
        "line": 37
        "type": "Structures\/NoSubstrOne",
        "file": "\/home\/exakat\/elation\/code\/include\/common_funcs.php",
        "line": 890
        "type": "Structures\/DropElseAfterReturn",
        "file": "\/home\/exakat\/elation\/code\/include\/smarty\/SmartyValidate.class.php",
        "line": 638
        "type": "Variables\/UndefinedVariable",
        "file": "\/home\/exakat\/elation\/code\/components\/ui\/ui.php",
        "line": 174
        "type": "Functions\/TooManyLocalVariables",
        "file": "\/home\/exakat\/elation\/code\/include\/dependencymanager_class.php",
        "line": 43
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This reports works with an arbitrary list of results.




This report is written in ‘exakat.sarb.json’.

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