3.3.1. Ambassador Ambassador

Ambassador is the most complete Exakat report. It used to be the default report, until Exakat 1.7.0

The Ambassador report many reports.

  • Full configuration for the audit

  • Full documentation of the analysis

  • All results, searchable and browsable by file and analysis

  • Extra reports for
    • Minor versions compatibility

    • PHP Directive usage

    • PHP compilation recommendations

    • Error messages list

    • List of processed files

Example of a Ambassador report (0)

Ambassador includes the report from 3 other reports : PhpCompilation, PhpConfiguration, Stats. Specs

Short name



CompatibilityPHP53, CompatibilityPHP54, CompatibilityPHP55, CompatibilityPHP56, CompatibilityPHP70, CompatibilityPHP71, CompatibilityPHP72, CompatibilityPHP73, CompatibilityPHP74, CompatibilityPHP80, Analyze, Preferences, Inventory, Performances, Appinfo, Dead code, Security, Suggestions.




This report is written in ‘report’.

Available in

Entreprise Edition