3.3.2. BeautyCanon BeautyCanon

The Beauty Canon report lists all rules that report no issues.

The Beauty Canon report displays one result per line. This report lists all issues in the provided ruleset that are reporting no error.

The title of the analysis is listed on the left, and the analysis short name is listed on the right, for further documentation.

This analysis uses “Analysis” as default rule. It may otherwise configured with the -T option.

Compare Hash                                                           Security/CompareHash
Configure Extract                                                      Security/ConfigureExtract
Dynamic Library Loading                                                Security/DynamicDl
Encoded Simple Letters                                                 Security/EncodedLetters
Indirect Injection                                                     Security/IndirectInjection
Integer Conversion                                                     Security/IntegerConversion
Minus One On Error                                                     Security/MinusOneOnError
Mkdir Default                                                          Security/MkdirDefault
No ENT_IGNORE                                                          Security/NoEntIgnore
No Hardcoded Hash                                                      Structures/NoHardcodedHash
No Hardcoded Ip                                                        Structures/NoHardcodedIp
No Hardcoded Port                                                      Structures/NoHardcodedPort Specs

Short name



This reports works with an arbitrary list of results.




This report is written to the standard output.

Available in

Entreprise Edition