3.3.22. History History

The History report collects meta information between audits. It saves the values from the current audit into a separate ‘history.sqlite’ database.

The history tables are the same as the dump.sqlite tables, except for the extra ‘serial’ table. Each audit comes with 3 identifiers :

  • ‘dump_timestamp’ : this is a timmestamp taken when the dump was build

  • ‘dump_serial’ : this is a serial number, based on the previous audit, and incremented by one. This is handy to keep the values in sequence

  • ‘dump_id’ : this is a unique random id, which helps distinguish audits which may have inconsistency between serial or timestamp.

This report provides a ‘history.sqlite’ database. The following tables are inventoried :

  • hash

  • resultsCounts Specs

Short name



This reports works with an arbitrary list of results.




This report is written in ‘history.sqlite’.

Available in

Entreprise Edition